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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations


The Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems are a family of proven solutions to meet the operational requirements of a motor vehicle manufacturers, OEMs, importers, distributors or service industries. Rather than endure the risks and expense of developing your systems internally, we can provide you with a proven systems architecture today! These system can be used to control your operations for:
  • Vehicle Distribution
  • Warranty/Service Administration
  • Parts Distribution
  • Dealership Management
  • Dealer Communications and E-commerce

The Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems were developed by Strategic Business Systems in conjunction with over 15 years of collaboration with our customers in the Motor Vehicle industry. These systems reflect the collective expertise of many seasoned motor vehicle executives. They are based on principles that balance of ease of use, flexibility for growth, and the use of advanced technologies.

Strategic Business Systems specializes in providing complete information system solutions to the motor vehicle industry. Our success has come from meeting our customers' short-term business needs while keeping sight of their long-term business goals.


The Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems have been designed to help you meet your business objectives, focusing on issues of integration, control, audibility, processing efficiencies and flexibility for growth. The basic design of these systems reflects these objectives.

Our systems allow you to effectively manage large investments and control their associated expenses -- important criteria in dealing with motor vehicle products. Our solutions utilize advanced client/server technologies which take advantage of terminal, Windows and Internet interfaces and Communications capability.

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Our systems are designed to operate with the goal of zero data entry, achieved through our Dealer Communications System and EDI capability for factory and vendor Communications. Efficiency and the ability to manage growth in your business volumes with your existing personnel are key objectives of our systems. Information review and exception processing are standard practices to inform your management to assist in making business decisions.

In the past, it was necessary to have a large and expensive systems staff and a large, expensive computing system to possess the level of functions contained in our Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems. We no longer believe this to be true!

Our systems feature user friendly, consistent user interfaces. This gives users who are trained in just a few basic system concepts the ability to use any functions in our systems. If help is needed, it is just a finger touch away.

Our parameter driven tables enable you to configure the system as your business changes or grows. We have taken the time necessary in the development of our system architecture so you may enjoy flexibility as your business needs dictate.

Our year 2000 compliant relational database structure has been carefully designed to enable data to be organized in logical groups. This data repository gives your users the ability to perform ad-hoc queries to obtain fast answers to unanticipated questions.


Our advantage has come from our intense focus on motor vehicle system requirements. The motor vehicle industry is complex, with many industry-specific business practices and regulations. Our Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems focus on these industry specific issues.

Our knowledge and experience in the Motor Vehicle Industry has enabled our customers to enjoy flexible, cost effective solutions with significant business benefits.

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