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Strategic sells computer technology solutions. We were founded in 1982. Our 30 employees form a diverse group with a 9-year average length of employment. We have two business units that sell similar expertise into two different marketplaces.

Our largest business unit is focused on the Motor Vehicle industry. Since 1985, we have sold our own computer software that supports the vehicle importation and distribution operations of Motor Vehicle manufacturers. Our customers include companies like Harley-Davidson, AM General (Manufacturer of HUMMER® vehicles), and Toyota. Our software tracks vehicles through their entire life cycle; measures product quality and manages warranty claims; manages the repair parts business; and integrates dealers' operations with the manufacturer. In addition to the software, we provide services including application software maintenance, customer support, and outsourcing. This unit has historically provided about two thirds of our sales. We are the only company in the Western Hemisphere that sells software packages in this niche.

Our "Technical Products" business unit sells our systems expertise across industries into the metropolitan New York City marketplace. Our largest industries are wholesale, food, and wine & spirits. In 1982, we started developing custom software applications for local companies. In 1993, we added document and report management systems. In 1996, we added e-business products and services to our portfolio. Our criterion for selling a product is that it must pay for itself within one year of operation. This business unit has historically provided one third of our sales.

There are multiple benefits to this strategy. We often pilot technology in one marketplace and then deploy it to the other. Our non-Motor Vehicle customers were quicker to move to web-based applications. The same staff that created multilingual Internet applications for businesses such as, created our web-based, multilingual, dealer communications system product for our Motor Vehicle marketplace. Our diversified cash flow has ensured our stability over the years!

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