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Strategic Dealer Communications System

Features and Benefits

Automatic Application/File Distribution

Electronic Distribution of DCS Application Enhancements

In many instances, changes in business procedures require new application program changes. Deploying such changes can be a daunting proposition, particularly the task of ensuring that all dealers are using the same version of the software. With Strategic's DCS, you can automatically distribute program modifications and enhancements to your dealerships' DCS computers. When such updates are distributed, they are automatically installed and self-configured without any intervention at the dealer level. The process is completely invisible to the user, and allows you to update and distribute your software at any time, without worrying about dealership impact.


Electronic software distribution gives you standardized control over your dealers' DCS sysstems. You control when software changes are applied. CD and disk duplication, mailing, and resource expenses are eliminated. You need no longer worry about dealers applying changes too soon or too late; YOU control when updates are sent and installed, in a process that is completely invisible to your dealers!

Electronic Distributed Database Maintenance

Operational information, such as part numbers, part prices, labor times and dealer numbers, is centrally maintained on your computers. Changes to such data are routinely made, sometimes on a daily basis. Keeping dealers informed of changes in this data can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. With Strategic's integrated DCS solution, distributing changes to this operational data is controlled centrally through the system, without requiring intervention from dealers or internal system staff. Our system applications log any modifications to operational data that could impact dealer DCS functions. Once approved for distribution, these changes are automatically sent to each dealer's computer and seamlessly update the appropriate database files.


Dealer DCS computers and application programs always reflect the most current information. Electronic Distributed Database updates ensure that the operational data viewed by dealers is always the same as the data contained in your central databases. This allows the system to:

  • ...extensively validate data at the point of entry
  • ...compute the value of parts orders as they are entered
  • Maintain an electronic labor time guide
  • Price warranty claims on your dealer's local computer at the time of entry.

This technology is simple for you to use and is invisible to your dealers.

  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Batch Processing
  • On-Line System Access
  • Automatic Application/File Distribution
  • E-Mail and Report Distribution
  • Communication Acknowledgements

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