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Strategic Dealer Communications System

Features and Benefits
Communication Acknowledgements

Immediate Communication Acknowledgements

Strategic's DCS is capable of transmitting all dealer transactions directly to the integrated system modules on your main computer. This practice allows us to perform immediate validation of the dealer's transactions during the established communication session. Dealers can obtain immediate immediate communication acknowledgements to their transactions.


Elimination of confusion or questions regarding acceptance of a dealer's transaction Communications. The ability to acknowledge transactions enables an immediate turnaround, providing a responsive solution to dealer requests and informational needs. Dealer satisfaction with the DCS solution is assured.
Maintenance of Rejected Transactions for Easy Re-Submission

DCS transactions (warranty claims, part orders, retail sales registrations, etc.) are retained on your dealer's computers until the transaction has been successfully received and validated from your main computer.


Any transactions with errors are retained on your dealer's computer, so that they can be corrected rather than re-entered. Because the transaction is retained, any confusion regarding responsibility for the transaction is eliminated. Dealers understand that if the transaction still exists on their onw computer, it has not yet been accepted. In conjunction with the transmitted acknowledgement message, dealers are well informed of their transactions' status.
  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Batch Processing
  • On-Line System Access
  • Automatic Application/File Distribution
  • E-Mail and Report Distribution
  • Communication Acknowledgements

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