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Strategic Dealer Communications System

Features and Benefits
Data Entry and Validation

Data Entry Performed by Dealers

Typically, communicating with dealers involves mail, phone, and faxes. These means of communication can be expensive, resource-intensive, and inconsistent. With DCS, your dealers have the ability to enter information (parts orders, warranty claims, vehicle orders, retail sales, etc.) directly into their DCS computer. The system provides data validation and verification routines to help guide the dealer through the data entry process.


Data entry and administration resources can be redeployed to more tactical responsibilites, and your employees can focus on your core business. Dealers enjoy a significant improvement in response to their DCS requests. All received information is guaranteed complete and correct, eliminating the need for time-consuming auditing of paper submissions. Also eliminated are duplication, lost data, and the need for filing voluminous quantities of paper.

Data Validation at the Dealerships

As dealers enter information into Strategic's DCS, extensive validation checks are performed. These checks verify that information is correct and prompt dealers for required information not yet entered. Each information field provides field-level help via pop-up windows or drop-down lists so that dealers may search for correct values. The closer to the point of entry that an error is found, the easier it is to fix. Most errors are flagged and fixed at data entry time. More subtle errors are detected when the information is transmitted, and the errors are reported back to you so they can be fixed.


100% error free, complete information from your dealers! Time and telephone expenses to correct erroneous data are virtually eliminated. No longer must your staff and dealers spend hours researching and correcting data entry mistakes.

  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Batch Processing
  • On-Line System Access
  • Automatic Application/File Distribution
  • E-Mail and Report Distribution
  • Communication Acknowledgements

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