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Strategic Parts Management System

Features and Benefits

Parts Categorization and Pricing

Pricing Simulations

The system allows you to conduct pricing simulations on parts before introducing new pricing. These simulations allow you to test the impact of new price adjustments without introducing the price change into the system. After pricing simulations have been satisfactorily analyzed, introducing the new price is easy.


Simulating new prices allows you to study the impact of proposed pricing changes without committing to them. This helps you evaluate pricing profitability in a simulated environment, so the transition to actual price changes can be done with confidence.

Parts Supersession

Part supersessions give you the ability to phase in new and compatible parts into your inventory. The system provides multiple supersession strategies (single, multiple, forward and reverse suppression) by flexibly controlling part supersession parameters. The system also enables you to choose among methods for phasing in your new or compatible part inventory:

  • ...replace new part immediately
  • ...use the existing supply until exhausted, then replace
  • ...substitute compatible parts if no stock is available for a requested part.

You can effectively phase in new and compatible parts without disrupting your parts operations. Obsolescence of usable stock is eliminated. Dealers can be informed of your part supersession inventory, eliminating confusion and frustration.
  • Parts Categorization and Pricing
  • Vendor / Supplier Management
  • Parts Forecasting
  • Part Inventory Management
  • Dealer Ordering / Allocations
  • Physical Inventory
  • Other Features

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