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Strategic Parts Management System

Features and Benefits

Dealer Ordering / Allocations

User-Defined Order Policy Specifications

The Strategic Parts Management System provides many configurable parameters, which enable you to control the behavior of the system with respect to parts order policies. The system allows you to define many policy types or change existing policies. Configurable part order policy attributes enable you to define conditions of part purchases and part sales. These attributes include:
  • Part discounts
  • Stock return allowances
  • Allocation procedures
  • Emergency stock reserves
  • Freight reimbursement policies
  • Shipping procedures

By gaining control of your part order policies, you can manage your relationship with dealers in a way that best suits your business strategy and objectives. You can motivate and influence dealer inventory stocking decisions (with discounts, penalties, freight costs, etc.). You control and optimize the wholesale supply chain while enhancing dealer and customer satisfaction.

Immediate Commitment of Stock

In many emergency cases, dealers may need parts quickly. It is a valuable benefit to commit immediate inventory allocations for such emergency situations. The system provides the flexibility to react and support dealers by immediately allocating part quantities when a crisis arises. When parts are not ordered under emergency situations, the system provides the flexibility to follow normal allocation procedures for consistent, reliable service to dealers.


You can be responsive to dealers' emergency inventory requests. Use of this system provides an easy and reliable mechanism for dealers to use to consistently order parts from your inventory supply. Now you can enhance both dealer and customer satisfaction since vehicles need not be out of service for prolonged periods. With this powerful, yet seamless process, no additional steps are required for immediate stock allocation.

Parts Order Scheduling

The system provides a mechanism for managing scheduled dealer stock orders. Since such orders are routine and may significantly drain warehouse resources, you can prioritize order schedules. By organizing dealers into ordering groups (such as geographical area and transport zone), and aligning the order priority (immediate, stock, etc.), order schedules can be flexibly defined. Holidays and special occasions are easily accommodated.


The Parts Order Scheduling function gives you a flexible way of handling parts orders. By timing dealer part orders, you are better able to manage warehouse activity, provide consistent service, and consolidate shipments.

Stock Allocation Smoothing

The need for stock allocation smoothing occurs when a part is in high demand and only a limited inventory quantity is available. Allocation smoothing is the process of flexibly distributing stock evenly among open dealer orders.


Stock Allocation Smoothing guarantees a fair and unbiased method for equalizing high demand part allocations among the dealers. It ensures that no dealer can exhaust the available part inventory supply. It provides a critical controlling mechanism, which will enhance overall dealer fill rates and increase dealer satisfaction.

  • Parts Categorization and Pricing
  • Vendor / Supplier Management
  • Parts Forecasting
  • Part Inventory Management
  • Dealer Ordering / Allocations
  • Physical Inventory
  • Other Features

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