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Strategic Parts Management System

Features and Benefits

Additional Features

Currency Conversion Capabilities

Currency conversions are maintained for vendors outside the country. The system allows purchase orders to be presented and communicated in the vendor's currency while providing a conversion back to your home currency for internal consistency. These currency conversions are maintained from vendor purchasing through vendor shipping and receiving.


Foreign vendor requirements are automatically accommodated without disrupting your internal procedures and accounting requirements. Currency conversion capabilities allow purchasing transactions to be conducted in a more accurate, time-efficient manner. Price discrepancies between the original purchase order and vendor invoices are automatically reported. Manual efforts in cross-referencing currency conversion tables are eliminated.

Built-In Dealer Communications Interface

The Parts System interfaces with Strategic's Dealer Communications System (DCS), providing an electronic Communications link between you and your dealerships. The DCS interface enables you to integrate dealers into your central parts management system. With this DCS interface, dealers can electronically request parts orders, make inquiries into part availability, and request reports. This interface enables you to centrally maintain and update part files, while providing dealers with online system access for emergency parts orders and inquiries. Reports and announcements can be electronically communicated to dealers through the DCS interface.


The interface allows you to extend your part system functions to your dealers without disrupting your internal operating procedures. You are able to push your data entry and validation requirements out to your dealers while providing them with more responsive and accurate information about your parts operations. It enables you to free up your personnel for more tactical parts responsibilities. Dealers realize improved levels of service through such advantages as same-day processing of parts orders, access to part availability and order status information, visibility of parts orders, and the ability to place emergency orders for immediate allocation.

  • Parts Categorization and Pricing
  • Vendor / Supplier Management
  • Parts Forecasting
  • Part Inventory Management
  • Dealer Ordering / Allocations
  • Physical Inventory
  • Other Features

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