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Features and Benefits

Vendor/Supplier Management

Multiple Part Vendors

The system allows you to manage multiple part suppliers. You may even track suppliers who are in a position to supply identical parts. The system routinely analyzes vendor performance while managing individual vendor profiles. With this extensive information, you can obtain pertinent information about individual suppliers, such as country of origin, price, lead time, and purchasing terms. You can identify a primary vendor for each part, and the system will consider that supplier when suggested purchase orders are generated. Changes to primary vendors are easily handled. The system provides easy access back to vendor part numbers for internal part number referencing.


Increased control over your supply chain, ensuring maintenance of reliable delivery and fill rates. With this ability to effectively manage your supply chain, you obtain purchasing efficiencies while enforcing your terms with suppliers. In turn, you are able to offer improved fill rates to your dealers, and easily react to part backorder situations by working with your secondary vendors.

Vendor Shipments and In-Transit Inventory Manageability

The system provides you with tools for recording vital shipment information from your vendors. This information may be data entered or electronically communicated (if electronic linkage is available with your vendors).


Provides systematic visibility for in-transit inventory, enabling you to extend your effective inventory levels to your dealers. It provides necessary planning information for preparing your warehouse and receiving facilities for incoming parts and stocking activities. You can provide accurate ETA dates to your dealers and customers in response to backorder situations. You can also monitor vendor performance with respect to reliability, lead time, and lead time consistency.

Entry of Receiving Exceptions

The system provides tools to record any part receiving discrepancies with anticipated part quantities and actual shipments. It also provides a reconciliation between part invoicing and vendor purchase orders. This information may be entered manually or electronically communicated (if an electronic linkage is available between you and your vendors).


Vendors can be easily managed with respect to part quantities and invoicing. Discrepancies are automatically flagged, eliminating the need for manual resources for part reconciliation. You can be assured that you are paying for parts quantities received and enforcing any part purchasing terms with your part suppliers.

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