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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

Consumer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Goal

Motor vehicle companies spend billions of dollars on marketing. Their goal is both customer acquisition and owner retention. Managing the results of this marketing is necessary in order to ensure the maximum return on investment.

Strategic’s Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) system product for the automotive industry achieves this goal. It is a competitive weapon built to optimize your impact in the marketplace.

We have implemented the aspirations and best practices of the most capable direct marketers in the industry. Authorized individuals have information on your consumers at the tip of their fingers. We want to maximize the effectiveness of your entire sales channel and product support network.

Defining Each Unique Consumer

We manage the identity and all activity for each unique consumer. This person may be an existing owner or else an “interested consumer”. We track every event that involves this consumer. Examples of events include:

  •  Vehicle configurator activity
  •  Vehicle retail sales
  •  Website inquiries
  •  Consumer self-identification
  •  Marketing program activity
  •  Consumer relations / technical case management activity
  •  Used Vehicle Sales (owner changes)
  •  Other events (imported from external sources)

Consumer activity often triggers follow-up actions. Some actions require an immediate response from a delegated party. Others (like a retail lease expiration) are managed on a calendar of future actions. As appropriate, your staff or your dealers are delegated the follow-up actions. For example, dealers usually receive sales leads. By analyzing the relative success of dealers in closing these leads, we can identify both dealership best practices and opportunities for dealer training and process improvement.

Data Quality

The quality of consumer data is often dubious in nature. While we can control data generated within our systems, much data comes from external sources outside of our control. A task as simple as determining whether a consumer is already in our database sometimes requires considerable analysis.

We manage data quality scrupulously. All data flows through our API into a data funnel. Our data cleansing process uses industry best practices. We seek to answer two questions.

  •  Is the data quality good?
  •  Do we know this consumer?

Our data scrubbing algorithm relies on multiple techniques including the use of fuzzy logic to ensure the quality of the data in the transaction. If the data has originated outside of our systems, we must determine if this is related to an existing consumer or if a new consumer to be added. If the results are ambiguous, we can rely on human intelligence to make the final edits and decisions.

Data Analytics

There is a never-ending search for answers about consumers and their behavior. While we will never escape from informal “seat of the pants” conclusions, hard date carries more weight. Our goal is to provide an easy to use resource to support formal data analysis.

Help your dealers

Sales leads are a key output of your marketing efforts. You pass them to your dealers. You depend on your dealers managing these leads effectively. You need to know the dealer’s success in closing these leads. In the constant search for best practices, you need to know each dealer’s relative success in closing sales leads. By studying high performing dealers, you can establish the best practices for your brand. This knowledge will form the basis of your “business management” programs for other dealers. Perhaps most importantly, prospects passed to “dualed dealers” with competitive brands deserve special attention in order to ensure that your competitor does not prosper from your marketing efforts! Your dealers are the key to your success.

Consumer lease end-dates (and, to a lesser extent, vehicle finance end-dates) are too frequently mismanaged by manufacturers and dealers. Our integrated system manages lease/finance endpoints and gives you and your dealers the ability to target consumers well before their end of contract. Their next vehicle can be sold, ordered, and available for delivery just in time for their previous lease endpoint.

Know your consumers

“Knowing your customer” is the gold standard for all marketers. While there are increasing privacy concerns with respect to consumer profiling and demographics collection, we give you the tools to establish patterns in your consumers’ identity and behavior. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your media mix.

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