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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

Strategic's Dealer Communications System (DCS) extends your corporate applications out to your dealers. It offers a secure, tightly integrated solution with Strategic's Vehicle Distribution, Warranty/Service/Recall, Parts Distribution, and Consumer systems. It offers a two-way electronic communication link so you may provide information to dealers as well as receive timely submissions from them.

DCS raises your franchise's profile to your dealers and potential dealers. It reflects your image, quality, and commitment to your dealers, while providing a mechanism for standardizing and enforcing your business policies and procedures.

The Strategic Dealer Communications System is a multi-lingual web portal that provides:

  • ...a communication mechanism for receiving timely retail data
  • ...vital and current information to help dealers with their individual planning activities
  • ...a user-friendly system to enhance dealer satisfaction. Even dealer staff without computer experience soon appreciate the power of DCS and its wealth of information.

By giving dealers the responsibility for data entry and validation, you can be assured that the information is correct and complete, eliminating time-consuming and expensive data entry and administration problems. Because data entry and validation is easier than filling out a paper form, compliance with the system on the part of dealer staff is inevitable. With data entry and validation in dealer hands, you can focus your attention to more tactical missions within your organization.

Providing a user-friendly communication system to your dealers allows you to receive important retail submissions in a timely manner -- essential for monthly sales reporting, as well as volume and objective planning for the next months. DCS makes it possible for your dealers' parts VOR orders and warranty claims to be processed promptly and accurately by giving them immediate access to parts and warranty information they may need. DCS integration makes it easy for your dealers to do business with you.

With a wealth of new information available to dealers, they are now able to improve their own planning activities, including arrival of inventory, communication of ETA dates to customers, planning and managing a local part stock inventory, as well as reconciling open credits from parts and warranty.

In addition to the Dealer Communications System software, we also offer complete dealer communication services, including complimentary help desk support for DCS system questions, dealer DCS rollout, and training.

With Strategic's Dealer Communications System, you keep your dealers tightly connected with your business.

Dealer Communications System Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
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