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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

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The Strategic Parts Management System gives you the tools you need to manage your parts distribution operations. The system focuses on:
  • Parts logistical management
  • Parts inventory management
  • Parts warehouse management

Within each of these areas, we have set out to streamline operating procedures in order to obtain operational efficiencies. We have developed this system with your dealers and customers in mind. It is essential that such a system offer ease of use and just-in-time reliability, so that you can gain dealer and customer acceptance.

The Strategic Parts Management System delivers!

Adequate and constant flow of parts inventory is essential for efficient and reliable operations. With the Strategic Parts Management System, you can measure the performance of your part vendors in meeting your parts order requirements. The system provides scheduled parts order replenishments, taking into account vendor lead times to ensure that parts continuously flow through the logistical pipeline to meet future demands. The tracking of in-transit inventory provides extended availability information for critical parts, so that you may effectively plan for future part arrivals. The management of dealer orders completes the logistical flow from your warehouses to your customers.

Management of inventory levels is essential for effective parts operations. Insufficient inventory levels can lead to lost sales and customers, and decreased parts business reliability. Overstocking of inventory leads to high inventory expenses. The Strategic Parts Management System provides the tools necessary to plan and manage the correct level of inventory to meet future demands without incurring the high expenses of maintaining inventory supply. The system relies on consistent monitoring of inventory levels and the proper forecasting measures so you can plan for part demand. Inventory categories enable you to classify and separate your faster-moving parts inventory from slower-moving parts, thus providing a checkpoint against your vendor order quantities.

The Strategic Parts Management System lets you run an efficient parts warehouse. Parts are organized and classified into specific locations within your warehouse. Part picking sheets help your warehouse personnel organize with the proper sequence, so they can quickly locate and stock parts within the warehouse. Physical inventory procedures allow you to validate and adjust your physical inventory levels. The system also provides for multiple warehouse management so you may partition your parts distirbution across your regional areas.

The Strategic Parts Management System ensures that you can provide the highest level of service to your dealers. We understand that in many cases, dealers have choices when it comes to their parts purchasing decisions. Therefore, we want to help you provide easy, friendly, and reliable service, so you can consistently win their business and their loyalty.

By optimizing your dealer order fill rates, vendor responsiveness, and assistance in pricing strategies, you ensure continued dealer -- and customer -- satisfaction. You can also organize your dealers' inventory stocking strategies by setting ordering policies that motivate dealers to stock parts.

Daily management summaries provide key operating data, either in the form of reports, or in data files available for graphical analysis. The system relies heavily on exception reporting and exception processing. This helps your management make more educated parts decisions.

The system is designed to help you make more efficient use of your staff. The concept of Zero Data Entry is accomplished through automated data links, such as our Dealer Communications Systems, optional electronic Communications links with your vendors, Internet-based Communications, and the automatic generation of vendor purchase orders within our forecasting module.

Features and Benefits

The Strategic Parts Distribution System gives you the tools to manage the service level you provide to your dealers, to manage your inventory investment, and to generate significant operational efficiencies. You can also measure the performance of your vendors, warehouses, and your entire logistical system.

  • Parts Categorization and Pricing
  • Vendor / Supplier Management
  • Parts Forecasting
  • Part Inventory Management
  • Dealer Ordering / Allocations
  • Physical Inventory
  • Other Features

  • Features and Benefits
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