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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

The Strategic Vehicle Distribution System provides an effective means of managing your vehicle distribution activities, by:
  • you complete control over your vehicle logistical system
  •  ...equipping you with management information for controlling inventory investments
  •  ...while enabling you to accurately measure retail performance.

These functions are accompanied by a high level of operating efficiencies. The main focuses of the Strategic Vehicle Distribution System are:

  •  Vehicle Logistical Management
  •  Inventory Control
  •  Management of Dealer Wholesale and Retail Sales Activities

With the Strategic Vehicle Distribution System, your logistical pipeline is completely visible. Vehicles are individually tracked through their entire lifecycle, which includes:

  • Volume Planning and Forecasting
  • Volume Planning and Forecasting
  • Dealer Ordering
  • Factory Production Ordering
  • Factory Production
  • Importation
  • Port or Distributor Inventory
  • Dealer Allocation
  • Dealer Inventory
  • Retail Sales
  • Detailed status category codes and statistics let you know exactly where in the pipeline your vehicles are located.

    The Strategic Vehicle Distribution System allows you to carefully control your vehicle inventory by logging each movement of each vehicle. Financial journals and registers provide precise information on the financial implications of vehicle movement.

    The Vehicle System can also extend the effective level of your inventory. If you import vehicles, a pre-allocation stock of vehicles on the water effectively expands your port inventory.

    The Vehicle System also provides critical wholesale and retail sales information. Daily sales summaries give you up-to-the-minute statistics on your wholesales and retails. Sales and stock reporting provide in-depth information at national levels, with region, district and dealer breakdowns. Detailed demographic information is collected for each retail sale, providing a composite profile of your buyers; vital, first-hand information you can use to create future marketing program.

    You need not incur high data entry cost to gain this wealth of knowledge. Our Dealer Communications System provides a comprehensive input method for all retail transactions. This enables you to delegate most data entry to your dealers, for more accurate and timely reporting of retail sales information. Sales reports and allocation information is transmitted electronically, helping you build a tight relationship with your franchise dealers. Other electronic interfaces enable efficient transmission of information (factory orders, production confirmations, shipment information) between the distributor and the factory, as well as to your port processors (dealer dispatch information, vehicle damage status.

    The Strategic Vehicle System gives you the tools necessary for your most important job -- SELLING VEHICLES!

    Features and Benefits
    Strategic's Vehicle Distribution System allows you to configure company-specific operational information that is then used throughout the Vehicle system. Such information includes default values for data entry fields, as well as control parameters to the system. This configuration information is maintained via easy-to-use entry screens. The Vehicle Database lets you provide users at your dealerships with the latest information on every vehicle throughout the distribution pipeline, from vehicles ordered directly from the factory; to vehicles retailed at your dealerships.
  • Vehicle Configuration
  • Volume Planning
  • Vehicle Ordering/Production Ordering
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Port Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Dealer Wholesaling
  • Retail Sales Support

  • Features and Benefits
    Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems Home

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    Corporate Headquarters - 17 South Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 USA
    Phone: +1 (201)-327-9400 -- Toll Free: +1 (800)-727-7260
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