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Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems

Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

The Strategic Warranty/Service Administration System gives you control over your warranty and service administration efforts. It allows you to effectively administer your warranty programs, manage recalls and voluntary service actions, while providing thorough component failure analysis and a wealth of warranty analytical information. What's more, all of these functions are provided without requiring significant clerical effort.

Warranty is very likely a significant expense within your organization. It is important for these expenses to be closely monitored and controlled. With the Strategic Warranty/Service System at your disposal, you may now focus your attention on warranty and service issues, to help reduce these expenses.

There are three main focuses to the Strategic Warranty/Service Administration system:

  • Auditability
  • Product quality
  • Warranty administration support
Auditability of your warranty claims ensures that submitted claims legitimately adhere to your warranty policies. The Warranty System provides you with the tools to determine when an audit is advisable, and systematically conduct the audit. Legitimate claims are promptly approved and paid, ensuring dealer satisfaction.

Premature component failures have many adverse impacts on your company. In addition to the obvious increase in warranty expense, such failures can result in serious part shortages. But perhaps most importantly, poor product quality leads to customer dissatisfaction. For these reasons, the Strategic Warranty/Service System provides you with the ability to provide corrective actions to remedy these problem situations. The system's focus on product quality provides the necessary tools to analyze and quickly spot emerging product defect trends so you may be proactive in improving and enhancing product quality.

Warranty processing is one of the highest transaction volume activities in any motor vehicle organization. The Strategic Warranty/Service System allows you to easily manage a significant range of warranty claim transactions without increasing your organizational staffing levels.

The Strategic Dealer Communications System (DCS), a complimentary product, enables you to push the data entry and validation requirement out to your dealerships, while providing them with a user-friendly way to educate them on the benefits of warranty controls. With DCS, you need not waste warranty auditors' valuable time in correcting invalid data entry This allows your warranty staff to focus their attention on those claims which fall outside of the normal and expected range and cause undue increases in your warranty expenses.

This electronic submission of warranty claims significantly reduces, and in many cases, eliminates, the need for paper claims. A reduction in paper volume helps you reduce costs for paper, filing cabinets, and administration. Chargebacks to your factory or other vendors are automatically prepared.

The Warranty/Service Administration System's audit feature allows you to more effectively monitor your warranty expenses. Its focus on your product quality allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure a long-term reduction in warranty claims, both reducing your costs and increasing your customers' level of satisfaction with your products. Finally, the system offers the administrative support that allows you to finally stream your warranty department procedures, so you can stand by your warranty policies with confidence.

Features and Benefits

Strategic's Warranty/Service Administration System allows you to configure company-specific operational information. Such information includes definition of service policies (such as regular warranty, predelivery inspections, rust perforations and the like) as well as the attributes associated with each (such as months, mileage, issue dealer credit, requests for vendor payment). We recognize that dealerships operate at different labor rates, and that these rates tend to change over time. The system allows you to identify each dealer's labor rate and the effective dates of changes without interruption of service activities. This flexibility in data definition allows you to customize the system to conform with your company's specific service program without costly and time-consuming program changes. The system can even interface with your existing systems via built-in file interfaces for all cross-system database files.
  • Warranty Policy Configuration
  • Claim Auditing
  • Claim Entry / Claim Searching
  • Part Returns
  • Emission Claims
  • Recall Campaigns / Service Actions
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Interfaces

  • Features and Benefits
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