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Strategic Vehicle Distribution System

Features and Benefits

Dealer Wholesaling

Distribution Policies for Vehicle Wholesales

Distribution policies provide a flexible mechanism for different vehicle sales types. These policies coordinate differences between special fleet and company car sales, promotion cars and normal dealer sales activities. Distribution policies also control different component pricing levels associated with these different types of wholesales. Any applicable charges (co-op, delivery, sales tax, holdback, etc.) can be easily configured based on each policy.


Distribution policies provide a flexible means for coordinating different wholesale procedures within one central vehicle system. They allow you to define special pricing for wholesale categories while also providing a means for categorizing, separating, and managing different types of inventory.

Wholesale Pricing with Effective Date Processing

Vehicles are individually priced by vehicle component (model, exterior, interior, options, transmission, and top). Effective Date Pricing allows you to set up future pricing changes which automatically take effect when you have specified. Effective pricing dates are maintained to track the history of vehicle prices for analysis.


The system allows you to conduct vehicle pricing simulations based on future effective dates. It also offers the dealer and customer protection from changes in price. This allows you an accurate means for cutting over to a new pricing structure while still managing vehicles with old prices. Price changes are painless, since they can be entered in advance of their effective dates.

Pricing Overrides

Vehicle prices that are calculated throughout the standard pricing method can be overridden for special wholesales, such as damage discounts, retired company cars, employee sales, or tourist delivery sales. Vehicles with price overrides are placed on accounting hold for review.


Price overrides make it easier to offer special discounts or to handle exceptional cases.

Marketing Incentives Programs and Additional Invoice Line Items

Marketing incentive programs can be included in dealer invoicing. The distribution policy identifies which programs are in effect.


Marketing incentives can be flexibly configured to respond to local advertising promotions in market areas or national level marketing programs. Special marketing program incentive costs are easily applied to vehicles sold within these market areas, allowing dealers to reap the benefits of corporate marketing programs.

Invoice/Credit Logging

Invoices and credits are automatically logged for a complete accounting history. All invoices are separately stored and may be regenerated on demand.


A vehicle's complete financial history is readily available for analysis. Misplaced or lost invoices can be easily re-generated.

Automated Preparation of Standard Forms

The system automatically generates standard forms at the appropriate times in the distribution process, including Monroney (window) labels, vehicle invoices and certificates of origin.


The automatic generation of paperwork reduces the need for administration and clerical support. This also ensures timely submission of paperwork and control over processing procedures. All paperwork can be manually reprinted, if needed.

Company Car Processing

Vehicles can be registered as company cars. Company car programs are defined and can be assigned to a special group or department. Company car programs have associated pricing discounts, which are applied at the time of wholesale. The system controls the categorization of company car inventory and automatically relieves it from company car status upon its retirement. Once retired, it continues to be identified as having been a company car.


The special company policies applied to company cars, such as extended warranty, can be processed for these vehicles. Company Car Inventory valuation may be easily summarized and managed.
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