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Strategic Vehicle Distribution System

Features and Benefits

Inventory Management

Full Vehicle Status Tracking

Status fields are provided that allow you to track details associated with a particular vehicle's location and availability. The system maintains a history of these status codes so you may track a vehicle throughout the logistical pipeline. Vehicle statuses are automatically controlled by the system.


Allows you to have an accurate representation of your vehicle inventory throughout the logistical pipeline. Provides an audit trail for monitoring vehicle movements. Now you can control planning activities based on projected vehicle movement and control where your vehicles are located and when they are available for sale.

Damage Logging History

Vehicle damage is recorded using industry standards indicating the area, type and severity of the damage. The Damage Log also records when the damage has occurred and who bears responsibility for the damage. Damaged vehicles are placed in an appropriate damage status category and are prohibited from further movement until the damage has been corrected. Damage information is merged with the vehicle's status history.


A complete damage history enhances quality assurance measures while providing documentation on vehicle delays and delivery estimates. Damage history also enables a review of damage costs and possible trends that may indicate patterns in damage to vehicles. The damage history also provides information valuable in assessing and evaluating warranty claim history.

Age Limits on Vehicle Status

Each vehicle is associated with a location status, which defines where the vehicle is physically located. Vehicles that spend too much time in a particular status may indicate a situation that requires management attention. The system highlights vehicles that are not moving within an acceptable timeframe and reports such exceptional situations for management review.


This ensures that vehicle inventory aging is managed properly. The system provides an audit on inventory to ensure that vehicles have not been overlooked, and provides management with information on exception situations so that corrective action can be promptly taken.

  • Vehicle Configuration
  • Volume Planning
  • Dealer Vehicle Ordering/Production Ordering
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Port Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Dealer Wholesaling
  • Retail Sales Support

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