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LANSA business partner
Consumer Contact Management
There are many reasons why consumers want to contact you, including:
  • To request information
  • To lodge a complaint
  • To suggest a product improvement
  • To let you know that they have purchased a used vehicle (so that you can update your ownership records)
  • … and about 50 more reasons
In your marketing efforts, you need to record consumer information for:
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Special offers
Sometimes, you are just building a database … other times, you need to route these contacts to specific people, departments, or dealers … and ensure that the contact is followed up with action!
Strategic's Web Survey technology supports all of these needs and more! Here's one example of its use…
When Hino Diesel Trucks, USA, Inc. wanted to gauge customer satisfaction with their medium-duty trucks and their dealers, they mailed a survey package to each owner of a Hino truck. To facilitate and maximize customer response, they used Strategic's WebSurvey technology to capture responses both from mailed forms and on their Web site. Respondents are encouraged to reply via the Web-based survey.
Responses to the survey are stored in database files which can be queried directly to tabulate statistical results. This eliminates the need for manual tabulation of paper surveys, as well as providing permanent storage of survey results, so that results year-to-year can be easily compared. Responses demanding immediate action automatically generated an eMail to the individual with responsibility for that area of the business.
The Hino name is synonymous with quality and technological excellence. Continuing dialogue with customers, made easier by Strategic, helps Hino maintain its competitive edge.


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