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Proven System Solutions for Motor Vehicle Distribution Operations

Features and Benefits
Volume Planning

Retail Sales Forecast

The system manages and computes retail sales forecasts. These retail sales forecasts are calculated months in advance and become an essential part of determining future volume planning levels.


You can build intelligence into the system for determining your future production capacity. Production volume plans can be based on past demand for vehicles, while considering your current inventory levels.

Sales Volume Increase Planning

The system allows you to specify plans to increase inventory levels. Specifying additional inventory over periods of time allows you to easily and gradually phase in your increased inventory levels.


1) Allows you to consider local demand which may not have been reflected in past sales forecasts. 2) Allows you to steadily control your increases in inventory to support your growth objectives. 3) Allows you to support special promotions with increased inventory levels.

Volume Planning Constraint Configurations

The volume planning module allows you to specify a number of planning configuration constraints to control the behavior of the system. These constraints allow you to identify to the system factors such as factory shipment percentages, wholesale percentages, months supply of vehicles.


1) Allows you to identify the flow of inventory in the logistical pipeline. If vehicles are held in certain points of the lifecycle, there could be an uneven distribution of inventory. You can help level the flow of inventory throughout the pipeline, while building months supply to plan for possible factory shutdowns or new model introductions.

Suggested Volume Planning Orders

The system automatically generates a suggested volume planning order. This order utilizes the retail sales forecast, increases in sales volume and the many volume planning configurations. Orders are generated at a model level, then extrapolated to the model color level.


Allows you to consistently generate a volume plan utilizing a consistent, proven order generation algorithm. Reduces the time and resources necessary to analyze volume planning data for order generation. Provides a more accurate volume plan so your inventory levels support future demand.

  • Vehicle Configuration
  • Volume Planning
  • Dealer Vehicle Ordering/Production Ordering
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Port Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Dealer Wholesaling
  • Retail Sales Support

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