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Claim Auditing

Automatic Claim Processing

Allows warranty auditing knowledge to be easily captured in a claim auditing knowledge database. This knowledge base is a standard mechanism for reviewing warranty claims and enforcing your warranty policies. With the power of ACP, the system now has the authority to process and approve standard, legitimate claims automatically. Claims requiring more intensive review are automatically referred to your warranty claim auditors.


ACP provides a standard mechanism for reviewing and envorcing warranty claim policies, allowing you to systemize critical auditing knowledge that currently only your senior warranty personnel might have. When this information is available to all, your warranty claim auditors can focus their valuable time and attention to non-standard, high-value claims. ACP allows dealers to benefit from a quick response to and payment of their warranty claim submissions.

Flexible Claim Audit/Review Procedures

Claims that are not automatically approved by the system must be reviewed by a warranty claim auditor. The system has an efficient mechanism for managing suspended claim flow and routing suspended claims to the appropriate cliam auditor. Suspended claims may be categorized and assigned to auditors by dealer number, claim numbers, claim value, claim date, claim status or suspended reason.


You can organize your warranty auditors to review selected claims based on their relative experience and authority. You have a high degree of flexibility to focus attention on specific claims that may have possible product defect exposure. You can also provide a level of consistency for reviewed claims.

Automatic Dealer Credits Processing

Claims that have been approved for payment may be organized to generate a credit to a dealer's open account. This credit transaction is automatically generated by the system and posted to the dealer's statement.


By automating the processing of dealer credits, you can centralize your payment processing without the need for generating checks for each claim payment. Service staff can be relieved of the responsibility for entering credits, enabling them to concentrate on more critical responsibilities.

Flexible Part Reimbursement Policy

National and state regulations dictate the price at which parts are credited to dealers. The system provides a flexible means for grouping part reimbursement credits (by country or state). The system also allows for multiple reimbursement calculations to comply with these regulations. Calculations include dealer net price plus a handling percentage, or part retail price.


Now you can adapt your claim part reimbursement policy to adhere to mandated legislation on a national or state level. The system provides the flexibility to adapt to changes in state regulations or to easily adhere to new part reimbursement regulations.

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