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Strategic Warranty/Service System

Features and Benefits

Claim Entry / Claim Searching

Warranty Claim Entry
The system provides for the entry of warranty claims to the system. Warranty claims track the complaint, cause and correction of each repair order. Detail components (parts, labor, materials, towing, etc.) are clearly defined to describe the complete repair and cost breakdown for each warranty claim. Claims may be entered from several entry points. Claims may be communiated through our Strategic DCS for Windows product, or via Internet Communications with our various DCS Internet offerings. Claims may also be entered online using our warranty claim entry program.


Now you can push your warranty claim entry requirements out to your dealers and service stations, reducing the need for centralized data entry resources. Each claim tracks the necessary documentation for a complete description of the warranty work and the corrective measures and associated costs for correcting the warranty service. This detailed warranty information is logically stored in a database for effective analytical reporting.

Warranty Claim Searching and Ad-Hoc Inquiry

The system offers you easy access to claim inquiry. With this search tool, you can quickly target specific claims for detailed analysis and review. The system provides a variety of search criteria to access a complete service history for vehicles and dealers, as well as claim status and recall campaigns. The online query tool provides up-to-the-minute information, accessible by any authorized warranty personnel. Available searches include:

  • Search claim information by dealer, vehicle, part, service type, claim status or reason code
  • Access complete service histories for a particular vehicle, check on eligible recall vehicles that have not yet been brought in for service
  • Display all vehicles already serviced that share a common reason code.

Service personnel now have instant access to the information needed to effectively monitor and manage operations. Provides a quick and easy means for detailed claim research to complement warranty summary reports. This feature gives customer service personnel at-your-fingertips tools for answering detailed questions on specific claims.

  • Warranty Policy Configuration
  • Claim Auditing
  • Claim Entry / Claim Searching
  • Part Returns
  • Emission Claims
  • Recall Campaigns / Service Actions
  • Analytical Reporting
  • External System Interfaces

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