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Strategic Warranty/Service System

Features and Benefits

Analytical Reporting

Warranty Cost Breakdown Reporting
The system provides extensive reports, which focus on warranty costs. These reports are organized to be generated for a specific data range and are sufficiently flexible that you can generate them on demand or as part of a scheduled report generation cycle.


Your service staff can investigate warranty costs on a vehicle, dealership, and/or part component basis, alerting them to potential vehicle problems or to dealerships that may be candidates for a warranty audit.

Component Failure Analysis

The system provides extensive reports focusing on product component failures. These reports highlight repetitive failures, and failures that cause you to incur high warranty expenses.


Component failure analysis allows your product quality assurance departments to understand the components that do not effectively function through a normal useful life. Such analysis helps product engineers design future product enhancements to increase reliability and require less warranty cost support.

Dealer / OEM Warranty Costs

The system facilitates analysis of your dealer/OEM population with respect to warranty costs. Ranking dealers and OEMs enables you to identify those which incur high costs.


You may be able to identify dealers and OEM mechanics who may require additional training on servicing your products. It may also highlight possible fraudulent claim submissions or trends in unnecessary repairs.

Warranty Labor Analysis

These analysis reports are designed to focus on specific warranty repairs. Individual failed component analysis may lead to product enhancements, while labor analysis highlight failures in system groups repairs that incur high costs.


Such warranty labor analysis provides product engineers with valuable information with respect to high cost warranty repairs. They can also provide updated repair techniques to service mechanics, to ensure that warranty repairs are done consistently and accurately.

  • Warranty Policy Configuration
  • Claim Auditing
  • Claim Entry / Claim Searching
  • Part Returns
  • Emission Claims
  • Recall Campaigns / Service Actions
  • Analytical Reporting
  • External System Interfaces

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