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Motor Vehicle Web Solutions
After over fifteen years of providing state-of-the-art, integrated, modular system solutions to the motor vehicle industry, Strategic now adds e-business capability to our motor vehicle systems. Need Web-based dealer-to-distributor systems? Want to sell your branded gear and accessories over the Web? Whatever your motor vehicle system need, Strategic can provide a Web-based interface to your existing operational systems. Our e-business expertise has placed us at the forefront of AS/400-based e-business system solutions.

Strategic Web Dealer Communication System
webdcswty.jpg - 21777 BytesStrategic's Web-based Dealer Communication System has arrived! This unique system is designed to process all dealer Communications system functions through any standard Web Browser.

The Dealer Communications System home page (shown) delivers parts, warranty, and vehicle dealer applications, as well as up-to-the minute bulletins, announcements and updates as specified by you. This page can be an important part of your ongoing communication with your dealer network. Users who are already familiar with Web navigation and hyperlinks require no training to use this system. For application-specific questions, pop-up help provides further guidance. The DCS system can grow and is customizable to incorporate any functions you deem necessary for streamlining your business processes. In your business, responsiveness to your dealers and customers is paramount. By providing them with applications that use the Web interface with which they are already familiar, you eliminate the frustrating learning curve usually required for new system implementation.

stores.gif - 1934 Bytes
mikasa .jpg - 20800 BytesAt Strategic, we know how important name recognition is in the motor vehicle industry. We can complement your internal Web applications with a publicly-accessible Web-based storefront. With an online store, you can sell your branded gear (clothing and accessories), reaching thousands of potential customers. Now you can promote your product catalog AND accept orders, all over the Web. As with all of our Web solutions, we can also integrate your back-end inventory systems with the online store entry system to provide real-time information on prices and availability. Unsure how to proceed? Concerned about channel conflict? Our innovative problem-solving approach helps you address such potential roadblocks, allowing you to obtain the benefits of Web-based selling without alienating your dealer network.

Custom Web-based applications
ktmptord.jpg - 23439 BytesStrategic brings a wealth of business knowledge into the development and customization of our Web-based applications, allowing us to support real-time integration into your existing back-end systems. With this tight integration, we are able to support Web-based:
  • 0rder entry
  • Purchase order creation
  • Status inquiries
  • Inventory availability inquiries
  • Manuals, bulletins, and other forms of correspondence
  • ...and any other information YOU need to get to your dealers.

We can build a Web-based application to disseminate any information you can store in a database!

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