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Strategic Dealer Communications System

Features and Benefits

E-Mail and Report Distribution

Electronic Mail

Strategic's DCS includes an Electronic Mail system that facilitates two-way communication with your dealers, who can send electronic messages to specific users or groups of users. You also have the capability to send messages to dealers as a group.


Electronic mail helps you stay in touch with your dealers. Critical information can be sent to either a single dealer or groups of dealers (all dealers or just dealers within a particular region or district). This e-mail mechanism can also be used to deploy dealer reports or to send acknowledgements of past Communications, updating the status of transactions. It also offers an easy way to communicate non-standard information and updates in a single message.

Electronic Report Distribution

Certain DCS reports can be requested for download by dealers. Ordinarily, these reports are scheduled and are generated separately from normal transactional inquiries (so system resources may be optimized). After reports have been generated for a particular dealer, you can send them to the requesting dealer through Strategic's DCS. Our customers regularly use DCS to send information such as:
  • Warranty payment advice
  • Vehicle allocations
  • Vehicle invoices
  • Part invoices

Dealer DCS computers and application programs always reflect the most current information. Electronic Distributed Database updates ensure that the operational data viewed by dealers is always the same as the data contained in your central databases. This allows the system to:
  • ...extensively validate data at the point of entry
  • ...compute the value of parts orders as they are entered
  • Maintain an electronic labor time guide
  • Price warranty claims on your dealer's local computer at the time of entry.

This technology is simple for you to use and is invisible to your dealers.

  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Batch Processing
  • On-Line System Access
  • Automatic Application/File Distribution
  • E-Mail and Report Distribution
  • Communication Acknowledgements

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