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Strategic Vehicle Distribution System

Features and Benefits

Retail Sales Support

Dealer Stock Updating

The system provides controlled transfer of vehicle inventory from distributor inventory to dealer stock. The vehicle status is automaticlly controlled and reflective of the physical location. Dealer inventories are automatically updated based on transport time from port to dealer.


Change of ownership coincides with the approximate time of receipt of vehicles by dealers. This gives a true inventory valuation for the distributor inventory. It also provides an accurate indication of the vehicle location status at all points to its final destination.

Wholesale/Retail Sales Summarization Inquiry

Sales summaries are automatically calculated and classified for up to the minute wholesales and retail totals. The classifications are organized by product line and model class and can be segregated according to a national, region, district, or dealer perspective.


Sales management can see, at a glance, whether the sales results are on target. Sales can be analyzed and compared in different regions and market areas to see effective trends.

Flexible End of Period Processing

The system maintains three retail dates:

  • Retail date (the date the retail transaction actually occurs)
  • Posted date (the date the transaction is posted)
  • Sales analysis date (date used for sales analysis purposes)
By specifying the appropriate period end dates and current sales analysis period information, end of period transactions may be entered after the end of the period, but dated on the end of the sales period.


In non-dealer communication environments, the data entry effort for entering end of period retail transactions may be spread over a few days, eliminating the need for overtime expenses. No longer is it necessary for sales reporting to be affected by processing delays.

Vehicle Locator

The system enables dealer personnel to locate available vehicles at other dealerships that meet specific search criteria. The search may be restricted to the dealer's sales district or expanded nationwide.


The Vehicle Locator enables you to provide a high level of service to your dealers and retail customers by significantly increasing vehicle availability for customers with strong preferences.

Vehicle Swap/Transfer Capabilities

Vehicle transfers allow dealers to trade or move vehicles among dealerships. This usually occurs when a dealer has a customer with a specific preference but does not have the inventory to meet that preference. The system controls dealer swapping and must be initiated from the dealer transferring from in-house inventory out to another dealer's inventory.


Enables dealers to extend their effective inventory for maximum sales potential. The system controls this process to ensure that all vehicles are tracked properly.

Retail Demographics

The system allows you to enter extensive demographic information for the retailed vehicle population.


Having access to retail demographics of the vehicle-buying population enhances your ability to track sales trends and create effective advertising and marketing strategies.

Sales and Stock Reporting

This series of reports focuses on sales and stock positions from dealer, sales district, region and national perspectives.


These reports allow management to monitor vehicle sales activity while giving them the ability to analyze any sales trends or discrepancies across their market areas.

Built-In Dealer Communications Interface

The Vehicle System interfaces with the Dealer Communications System, providing an electronic communication link between you and your dealerships. Dealers can report vehicle sales, leases, transfers, ownership changes, and status changes. The Vehicle Locator function enables the dealers to search through other dealers' inventories for an available vehicle that fulfills a customer's request. You can update dealer vehicle inventories and send memos and allocation reports via electronic mail.


The Dealer Communications Interface helps you operate more efficiently and responsively. Data entry costs at the corporate level are eliminated, since vehicle transactions are entered remotely at the dealerships. Dealers realize improved service levels, since they have timely information about changes in vehicle inventory, the ability to locate a specifically-requested vehicle via the Vehicle Locator inquiry, and the ability to update vehicle status and ownership.

  • Vehicle Configuration
  • Volume Planning
  • Dealer Vehicle Ordering/Production Ordering
  • Vehicle Importation
  • Port Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Dealer Wholesaling
  • Retail Sales Support

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