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Vehicle Configuration

Consumer Vehicle Configurator

Strategic's Consumer Vehicle Configurator uses the data from your corporate vehicle configuration databases, so you can be sure that it is correct.

Because there is one master vehicle configuration database, you know that your consumers will be seeing up to date and correct information without re-keying or replicating data.

Click Here For more information on the Consumer Vehicle Configurator.

Extensive Vehicle Database

The vehicle database provides the latest information on every vehicle throughout the distribution pipeline (volume planning and forecasting, dealer ordering, factory production ordering, factory production, importation, port or distributor inventory, dealer allocation, dealer inventory, retail sales).

This gives you an accurate picture of vehicle inventory for planning activities and accurate analysis of inventory levels to support future demand, as well as providing a historical perspective on vehicles for effective decision-making and forecasting projections.

Vehicle Configuration Data

Vehicle configuration data consists of operational parameters, which are used to dynamically change the behavior of the system as your business needs change. Easy-to-use data entry screens make changing this configuration data easy.

You can change a variety of control values to personalize the system to your needs -- without making costly programming changes.

Flexible Vehicle Definition

Vehicle definition allows you to configure your valid vehicle components. This controls such information as models, exteriors, interiors, tops, options and emissions; as well as their valid combinations. This information is maintained in an easy-to-use, menu-driven format.


  1. Allows you to define valid vehicle configurations for dealer ordering, description of vehicle components, categorization of vehicles for invoicing, and Monroney labels.
  2. Enables effective communication of valid vehicle combinations to the factory.
  3. Allows you to develop new combinations as vehicle components become introduced or obsolete.

Options Processing

Define any vehicle option which can be installed on a vehicle. Options may be identified as factory, port, or dealer options and can be associated with a specific model. The system places no restrictions on the number of options for a particular vehicle. Options may also be associated with specific exterior and interior colors.


This provides a flexible way to to track many vehicle variations with different combinations of option attachments, and allows a flexible means to configure vehicles for maximum selling potential.

Option Package Processing

An option package is a group of options that can be attached to a vehicle. Options within packages are validated to ensure compatibility as well as non-duplication.


  1. Allows you to market special option packages and special promotions relating to vehicle option combinations.
  2. Allows you to standardize vehicle options to enable factory production to coordinate its facilities more efficiently.
  3. Allows easier ordering of vehicles by dealers and consumers.

New Model Year Setup

The yearly model configurations (models, exteriors, interiors, tops, and transmissions) can be automatically replicated for your new model year configurations.


Quick setup of the new model year records eliminates repetitive data entry and helps prevent errors.

Standard Method of Costing by Effective Date

Vehicles are individually costed by vehicle component (model, exterior, interior, options, transmission, and top). Effective Date Costing allows you to set up figure costing changes, which automatically take effect when you have specified. Effective costing dates are maintained to track the history of vehicle costs for analysis.


The system allows you to conduct vehicle cost simulations based on future effective dates. This allows you an accurate means to cut over to a new costing structure while still managing vehicles with old costs. Cost changes are painless, since they can be entered in advance of their effective dates.

Flexible Automotive Window Label Text (Monroney Labels)

The United States government requires that each new automobile sold in the United States have a window label (Monroney label) that states the features of the vehicle, its costs, and the estimated fuel costs of operating the vehicle. The vehicle system allows for the flexible creation of this Monroney label, while managing the sequencing and presentation of marketing information on the label.


The Monroney label can become a vital tool for promoting vehicle features to potential customers at point of sale. Monroney labels can be customized for each model to promote its individual features and configurations to customers. The system allows you the flexibility to change marketing text and sequencing as model features change.

VIN Validation

The sytem provides a validation routine that ensures the correctness of the 17-digit USA Vehicle Identification Serial Number (VIN).


If you distribute vehicles that require the government-mandated VIN, the system will ensure that the VIN is correct.

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  • Vehicle Importation
  • Port Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Dealer Wholesaling
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